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We Provide 24 hours emergency locksmith services
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We Provide 24 hours emergency locksmith services

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Emergency Locksmith

Do you need urgent help with your locks and keys? Call 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith! We are an all-hours locksmith company providing fast, affordable emergency locksmith services to all of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Whatever your problem is, we have the solution.

Locksmith emergency? We can help!

If you’re in one of these situations (or facing any other problem with your locks and keys), call 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith right away. Our business is helping people out of tight spots!

  • Locked out: Lost the keys to your house? Slammed your car door only to realize an instant later that the keys were lying on the seat? It happens all the time, and usually when we’re in a hurry! 24 Pittsburgh can quickly solve the problem. We’ll open your door and get you back on track in no time.
  • Broken key: If your key breaks off inside the lock or car ignition, we will safely extract it. Don’t try to force it, unless it slides out easily. Protect your locks and let a professional locksmith take care of it.
  • Broken lock: Locks might malfunction because of routine wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance (especially in cold weather), or if someone has tried to break in. We repair all types of locks and replace them immediately if necessary.
  • Lost keys: We make replacement keys on the spot, including car keys.

Why choose 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith

At 24 Pittsburgh, we specialize in emergency locksmith services. We take pride in our fast work and affordable rates. We’re one step ahead of the crowd in many ways.

All our technicians are licensed, insured professional locksmiths. Every one is an expert with years of experience solving all sorts of problems. Working with top-notch equipment, they are highly trained and skilled in working fast under all conditions. Our locksmiths are fully mobile, meaning they can reach you wherever you are with a van stocked with all the equipment and security products they need.

We are a 24-hour locksmith company, and our team of dispatchers are available around the clock, including weekends and holidays. We always have a full staff ready to help. No waiting, no voicemail and no getting stuck on hold. Within minutes of your call, the nearest locksmith will be on their way to your location, and they’ll solve your problem on the spot.

Finally, we have a commitment to friendly customer service. Your time and safety is our priority. Don’t take our word for it, just read our reviews!

What to do when you’re locked out

If you can’t get into your home or car, call us right away. Don’t try to get in by breaking a door or window. Even if you succeed, repairing the damage will be much more difficult and expensive than a simple locksmith’s fee! Plus, this leaves you vulnerable to burglars. Similarly, never try to pick the lock yourself. Without proper skills and tools, you risk serious damage to the locking mechanism.

Fortunately, one of our locksmiths will reach you within 20 minutes on average. They will first try to pick the lock, and if this fails they will drill it open. (Keep in mind that if they can easily pick it open, that means burglars can too, and you should consider an upgrade.) If necessary, they can also repair or replace the lock. We open car doors using air wedges and long reach tools, a modern method that is fast, effective and safe for your vehicle’s electric system.

While you’re waiting, stay in a well-lit area within sight of your door. In case of harsh weather, seek shelter, but tell your current location to the dispatcher so the locksmith knows where to find you. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if it’s late at night, and keep your phone on hand.

To avoid getting locked out in the future, it helps to have spare copies of your key. You can give one to a trusted friend or neighbor, keep it in your most used bag, or store it in a secure key safe. (Get one with a number combination lock and that attaches to your car or the side of your house.) Keep your keys in the same place every day so you won’t forget them, and make it a habit to always check for them before you let the door close.

Our emergency locksmith services

We work fast and keep our rates low so everyone can afford the help they need. If you need a locksmith and you need one now, there’s no better choice than 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith.

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Why Us?

Fast Service

With multiple locksmiths available in the Pittsburgh metro area, we can guarantee fast response 24/7.

24/7 Phone Support

We're open 24 hours for your convenience. Live agents are trained to efficiently dispatch the right tech.

We Got The Goods

We stock a large variety of door locks. Our automotive locksmiths cary a full line of car keys.

Competitive Pricing

It's simple! we're a volume based service business. We buy door locks and car keys in bulk.


Training just provides our locksmiths with the skill. Passion is what drives our techs to do an awesome job.


Your protected! We stand behind our work by offering 90 days warranty from date of service.