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We Provide 24 hours emergency locksmith services
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We Provide 24 hours emergency locksmith services

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Pittsburgh, the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, has long been known as a hub for business and industry. The “Steel City” is actually a major center for all types of metalwork, technology and energy, and as a base for corporate headquarters it’s rivaled only by global cities like New York and Chicago. But it’s not just industrial production that keeps Pittsburgh booming. It’s the wide range of businesses we have here, from the eight Fortune 500 companies to the high-tech research firms, and from our 68 colleges and universities to the vibrant cultural scene of shops, bars, restaurants and museums. And 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith is here to serve all of them.

Every business needs effective security in order to succeed. Here at 24 Pittsburgh, we have a team of professional commercial locksmiths providing a wide range of services to keep our city’s business safe and running smoothly.

Why are commercial locksmiths so important?

A good security plan is essential for any type of business. You need to protect your merchandise, equipment, cash and important documents. At the same time, whatever measures you use have to be easy for your employees to use and not get in the way of your clients and customers. Making it even more complicated, there’s a laundry list of factors that influence what security you need: not just the type of business but its size, location, traffic patterns in and around the building, opening hours, number of employees… it’s a lot to juggle.

Fortunately, locksmiths who are trained in commercial work know how to synthesize it all and come up with the best security for every business. The experts at 24 Pittsburgh are highly skilled and experienced. We take your business’s success as seriously as you do, and we work individually with every client to find the best possible security measures for their unique situation.

Our locksmith services in Pittsburgh

24 Pittsburgh Locksmith offers a full range of commercial locksmith services, as well as round-the-clock emergency support. We install, maintain and repair high security locks and access systems, interchangeable cores, electric strikes, panic bars and more. We make new keys and set up master-key systems. If you have a security problem, we have the solution, and if you don’t know what you need to do to enhance your business’s security, we offer full consultations.

We provide products from leading manufacturers such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock and Kaba Ilco. Our technicians use cutting-edge equipment, and the work to the highest industry standards. Efficiency and reliability are the hallmarks of our company.

Plus, if you ever face an urgent problem like a broken lock or lost key, we offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services. Just call our team of dispatchers and within minutes, the nearest technician will be on their way to your business. Doesn’t matter how late at night, they’ll solve the problem on the spot.

Security tips for your business

  • Use only up-to-date high security locks that are designed for commercial use. Anything less is shockingly easy for today’s burglars to pick!
  • Keep the area around the entrance to your building well lit, even after hours when no-one’s around. The last thing a burglar wants is to be seen! Motion-detector lights are a great choice, as they will save your electric bill while scaring away any unwanted intruders.
  • Train your employees to prevent shoplifting. They should look every customer in the eye and greet them when they come in. Honest customers will appreciate the attention, while those with sticky fingers will realize they’re being watched. Similarly, if your office employees see someone unfamiliar hanging around, they should approach them and politely ask the stranger why they’re there.
  • Never keep large amounts of cash in the register. At the end of a shift, leave the minimum amount in the register and put the rest in a locked safe.
  • In a bar or restaurant, it’s dangerous to have only one person opening or closing. Robbers often choose these times to strike. Keep at least two employees working at these times, especially if your establishment closes late at night.

Of course, the single best thing you can do is get support from a locksmith, a commercial security expert with an eye for detail and a sense of your business’s needs as a whole. You can find all of this at 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith.

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