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We Provide 24 hours emergency locksmith services

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Pittsburgh is one of the most exciting cities to live in these days. However, despite our booming urban renewal, over 10,000 property crimes were reported here just last year. How do you be sure that your home is safe? Fortunately, 24 Locksmith has the answers!

Finding the right residential locksmith

Hiring the right locksmith for your home is a big decision. You’re giving them responsibility for your personal safety, after all, not to mention total access to your home.

The first thing to check for in a locksmith is that they are fully licensed and certified. This type of work is highly specialized, so you want a real professional locksmith, not just a handyman or some amateur with a toolbox. Look for technicians who are connected to an organization like ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America). This will help you avoid scams and find an experienced, reputable locksmith.

When you find a company that provides locksmiths like this, make sure they are based close to your home so it won’t take too long for them to reach you. Be sure to choose a 24-hour locksmith company that provides emergency assistance at all hours.

It’s a good idea to call any company you’re considering, ask them for details about the services you need and get a sense of their customer service. Make sure their technicians have experience working with your type of home and the specific locks or other security devices you have. Before you agree to any services, remember to ask for a price estimate upfront.

Why choose 24 Pittsburgh Locksmith?

We are a full-service local locksmith company operating 24/7. We provide the best residential locksmiths in Pittsburgh. All of team members are trained experts, and they will complete any job to perfection, down to the smallest detail. They have the most up-to-date solutions to all your security problems. We take your home security as seriously as you do!

Trained in the latest methods and working with excellent equipment, our locksmiths work quickly and efficiently under all conditions. Plus, we make it a point to keep our prices low. You won’t find better rates for high-quality locksmith services anywhere.

Our residential locksmith services

24 Pittsburgh offers a wide range of locksmith services for both houses and apartments. We change locks, re-key and install new locks, including certified high security locks. We cut new keys and repair broken locks. Our emergency locksmith services are available at all hours for fast assistance in case you get locked out, need a broken key extracted or any other problem. With one quick call, your problem will be solved on the spot.

We provide locks and security products from the most trusted manufacturers, brands like Medeco and Mul-T-Lock. Tested and tried in the field, these locks are resistant to picking, “bumping,” and other methods that today’s criminals use. Our locksmiths know all the tricks to stay one step ahead of burglars, and they will work with you to find just the right security measures for your home.

Tips for keeping your home safe

Protecting your home against burglars and other intruders is a matter of having the right equipment combined with the right habits, plus a good dose of common sense. Here are some tips from our expert locksmiths to help you make your home security airtight.

  • Always use high security locks, not those cheap standard locks you pick up at the hardware store. The average burglar can pick these locks in minutes, or open them with a filed-down “bump” key. High security locks are nearly impossible to pick, and their solid construction will stop anyone from breaking in by force.
  • Lock your doors whenever you go out, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Research shows that one third of burglaries take place through doors that were left open. Get in the habit now so you’ll never forget to lock up!
  • Don’t leave spare keys in an unsecured place – not under the doormat or a potted plant! Give a set to a trusted neighbor instead, and if that’s not possible, get a key safe with a combination lock to store them in.
  • Provide your locks with regular maintenance. They should be cleaned and lubricated every six months or so. This will make them last longer and work better, and prevent problems with the locking mechanism that normally arises with changes in temperature and daily wear and tear. Ask a locksmith to show you how to do this, but it’s an easy DIY job once you get the hang of it.
  • Be careful who you let into your apartment building. Never prop the door or hold it open for anyone you don’t recognize, and confirm that you know who’s at the door before you buzz them in. If someone shows up claiming to be a deliveryman or serviceman, ask for details or ID from their company before you let them in. Burglars often pose as deliverymen to gain access to apartments.

The single most important thing you can do is to hire an expert locksmith, like the team at 24 Pittsburgh, to oversee your security. With our locksmiths on your side, you can rest assured that your home is safe.

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